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The strength of any company depends on the strength of its team. At Jack Cooper, our employees are first. We take pride in having the best of the best on our team. This page is designed to provide news and resources for our team members.

As we continue to be an advocate for change and expand our efforts on social justice, we want to thank our Jack Cooper employees who have shared feedback on how our company can take actions in support of growth. Together with senior leadership and a dedicated Diversity and Inclusion Commission, we have been listening and keeping your input in the forefront of these conversations. Please check out our new commission & stay tuned for more updates surrounding action plans later this month.

In the wake of events such as the recent death of George Floyd, it is difficult to find the appropriate words strong enough to convey the anger and hurt felt not only here in the United States, but across the world. We are grieving for the family and friends of George Floyd, Ahmad Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the countless other individuals whose lives have been senselessly taken. Along with many others, we hope to see justice prevail.


Jack Cooper is driven by core values, one of which is RESPONSIBILITY. We have the responsibility to acknowledge the reality of what is happening in the United States.


As a Company, we stand strong in our denunciation of intolerance and discrimination of any kind. We find it appalling that racial injustices continue to plague our nation and stand firm in the belief that hatred and bigotry have no place in our Company or anywhere in the world. We recognize that in order to facilitate change, we must be bold to speak out when we see injustices unfold; we must be humble to listen to the stories and perspective of others; and we must not continue to sit idly by as the lives of innocent people continue to be senselessly taken.


While we believe in the power of words, what are words without action? We acknowledge that we also have a responsibility to make a contribution to our community. We have to ask ourselves: what can we do as a Company to ensure values of equality and inclusion permeate every part of what we do?


Jack Cooper has always embraced diversity. We know that our Company’s excellence stems from the unique perspective and contributions each of you bring to our Jack Cooper family; we celebrate this and are grateful. However, as recent events have shown, there is more work to be done. To this end, a few talented and passionate individuals have approached me about forming a commission to serve the common goal of initiating change both within the Company and in our surrounding communities. This commission will keep the conversation ongoing, not just in the midst of crisis. With the help of this commission, I believe Jack Cooper will be proactive and effective in fighting for racial justice and working towards solutions; I look forward to providing an update on their development and work in the near future.


If you have been affected by recent events, are hurting, or simply want to be a part of the conversation, we have the following resources available for you:


  • Let us Know Line: 844-677-2178

    • Available 24/7, this line allows you to voice any concern directly to HR. We are committed to responding in a caring, confidential, and timely manner.

  • Central Dispatch/Network Planning “NP”: 866-049-6388

    • If you are a driver concerned about the possibility of unrest affecting your deliveries, or if you are aware of situations and would like to notify NP of such cases, Network Planning is available to take your call.

  • Teledoc: We understand that the impact of these events has taken a toll on a number of individuals in a number of ways. If you feel that you would like to speak with a professional, resources are available through Teledoc, which you can register for/access here: https://member.teladoc.com/signin?_ga=2.56904618.1800938773.1591219705-1902586002.1591219705


By joining the Jack Cooper family, you have entrusted us with a lot and we do not take that responsibility lightly. In any and every way we can be there for you, we will be.


Thank you in advance for the meaningful impact we will make together.

Katie Helton

Letter from Jack Cooper's Chief Human Resources Officer

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