Workplace Safety

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Workplace Safety 

OSHA resources for keeping a workplace safe in a pandemic

Information about Entering Jack Cooper Property

all persons entering Jack Cooper Property, including employees, will be required to complete a Survey Daily to ensure employees' safety

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Best practices for washing your hands 

Best practices for stopping the Spread

Information on key symptoms of COVID-19

Cleaning Protocols for Employees

Each Employee will receive a neck- warmer and a bandana,  which can be used as face coverings

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Each Employee will receive two yellow microfiber towels and a baggie for cleaning surfaces

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What's that you're touching? Keep in Mind how long researchers believe the virus lives on different surfaces!

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All employees must practice social distancing to the greatest extent possible

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Face Mask Instructions

CDC resources for cloth face coverings to help slow the spread of COVID-19

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EPA guidelines on products that can disinfect coronavirus