Unemployment Resources

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Important Tip for Unemployment Applicants

Please make sure to have all of your W-2s from 2018 and 2019 handy before you apply.  Remember that the Company name and FEIN changed in November 2019 due to the bankruptcy.  Make sure to report the old company name and new company name, as well as the old and new FEINs.

Jack Cooper Transport Company, Inc. (Old) ----> Jack Cooper Transport Company, LLC (New)

Auto Handling Corp. (Old) ----> Auto Handling, LLC (New)

Jack Cooper Holdings Corp. (Old) ----> Jack Cooper Holdings, LLC

FEINs for Unemployment Applications

- Jack Cooper Investments, Inc.- 84-2621882

- Auto Handling Corporation, LLC – 84-3147335

- Jack Cooper Transport Company, LLC – 84-3116846

Applying for Unemployment in Michigan?

Please note the special procedures for filing for unemployment in the State of Michigan.  You will need your FEIN and EAN to apply in this state.  If you are not sure which FEIN to use, consult your most recent W-2 (for November and December 2019) or contact HR if you cannot locate either number.

Michigan EAN #s

  • Jack Cooper Investments, Inc.- 2171000

  • Auto Handling Corporation, LLC – 2169171

  • Jack Cooper Transport Company, LLC – 2165843


Not working?  Try adding 000 to the end (example: 2165843000)

State by State Unemployment Resources

Click on state flags for link to local unemployment site. 

Click on PDF icon for tips on applying in your state.


MO Dept. of Labor and Industrial Relations

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Missouri Dept. of Health

Kentucky State Flag.jpg

KY Career Center

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Kentucky Dept. of Health

New Jersey.jpg
New Jersey

NJ Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development

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New Jersey Dept. of Health


GA Dept. of Labor

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Georgia Dept. of Health

New York.jpg
New York

NY State Dept. of Labor

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New York Dept. of Health


IL Dept. of Employment Security

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Illinois Dept. of Health


Texas Workforce Commission

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Texas Dept. of Health

MI State Flag.jpeg

MI Dept. of Labor and Economic Opportunity

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Michigan Dept. of Health

Indiana State Flag.png

IN Dept. of Workforce Development

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Indiana Dept. of Health

Ohio State Flag.png

OH Dept. of Job and Family Services

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Ohio Dept. of Health


MD Dept. of Labor

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Maryland Dept. of Health


WI Dept. of Workforce Development

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Wisconsin Dept. of Health


FL Dept. of Economic Opportunity

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Florida Dept. of Health