Logistics Analyst "Kansas City"

Job Location

Kansas City, MO

Type of Job


Published Date

July 8, 2022, 5:00:00 AM

About the job

Maintain Jack Cooper supply chain optimization model in order to improve our current pricing modules and suggest process improvements. Provide capacity and pricing modules for secondary markets to expedite route planning and more effectively quote on future business.

Essential Functions:
• Develop and maintain models for logistics uses; cost estimating or demand forecasting.
• Manage database of logistics information, clean and analyze, update as needed.
• Generate database logics and queries to preprocess model information and aid in automating the process.
• Interpret logistics elements, such as; availability, maintainability, reliability, supply chain management, distribution, inventory management, or transportation.
• Create matrix to manage current customer volume and prospective customers.
• Adjust and tune models to affect current business needs, including adding additional optimization parameters.
• Prepare OEM reports on logistics performance measures.
• Apply data analysis to customer specific, logistic performance reporting.
• Collaborate with management on determining ways to optimize service levels, maintain supply-chain efficiency and/or minimize cost.
• Create reports and maps referenced by dispatchers to advise drivers on expedited logistics.
• Monitor the flow of vehicles/products, using web-based logistics information system.
• Provide excellent customer service to include assisting customers with questions, RFI/RFQ status updates, rate requests, etc.
• Insert Macro into load management tool to monitor status of drivers.
• Create capacity drainage zone to pair customer areas and improve the load building process.
• Recommend improvements to existing or planned logistics processes.
• Cross train with other team members to provide backup support, as needed.


• Bachelor’s degree in engineering or science, logistics, transportation, Industrial Engineering or related field of study or an equivalent combination of directly related experience and training
• Proficient in the use of computers and Microsoft Office
• Strong data management skills in SQL, Access, SQL Server or other BI tools required.
• Familiarity with Python or similar a programming language to automate jobs is a plus
• Ability to effectively manage time, projects and prioritize appropriately
• Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, stressful work environment
• Ability to create visualizations with Power BI, Tableau or similar tools is a plus
• Expertise in data management skills a plus
• Strong knowledge of national geography
• Self-starter and ability to work with little supervision
• Excellent customer service, communication and negotiation skills
• Ability to travel as needed
• Other duties as assigned